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Tornado and Cheese Story
After saying good night to Harmony, Cheesecake left the dorms and went outside to look for Watts, eventually wandering to the edge of the forest, something pulling her closer. She needed to find Watts and make sure he was okay, but she wasn't willing to wait until tomorrow like Harmony had suggested. If Watts was in trouble, tomorrow might be too late! The forest was dark and scary looking, but the mare was determined, so she slowly put one hoof into the wooded area. Seeing that there was no force field, or magical barrier, or super scary forest guardian, she ventured onward, completely unaware of the dark figure that was watching her from the treetops. She trotted through the forest, calling for Watts. "Watts? Mon amour? Where are you?" Her calls echoed through the trees, but the only ears they reached were those of Tornado Chaos. He smirked and left the forest shadows, swooping down from the trees before landing in front of the cream-coated mare, pretending to have just barely discov
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Cheesecake Swirl Red Ridge ID by Redpandawarriorgirl Cheesecake Swirl Red Ridge ID :iconredpandawarriorgirl:Redpandawarriorgirl 6 5 100 Customs by Redpandawarriorgirl 100 Customs :iconredpandawarriorgirl:Redpandawarriorgirl 1 5 Cassie on a cloud by Redpandawarriorgirl Cassie on a cloud :iconredpandawarriorgirl:Redpandawarriorgirl 2 2 Starburst ID by Redpandawarriorgirl Starburst ID :iconredpandawarriorgirl:Redpandawarriorgirl 3 0 Before everything went wrong.... by Redpandawarriorgirl Before everything went wrong.... :iconredpandawarriorgirl:Redpandawarriorgirl 2 13 Sootlion by Redpandawarriorgirl Sootlion :iconredpandawarriorgirl:Redpandawarriorgirl 2 3 Kamara art 2 by Redpandawarriorgirl Kamara art 2 :iconredpandawarriorgirl:Redpandawarriorgirl 1 0 Kamara art 1 by Redpandawarriorgirl Kamara art 1 :iconredpandawarriorgirl:Redpandawarriorgirl 3 3 Gift by Redpandawarriorgirl Gift :iconredpandawarriorgirl:Redpandawarriorgirl 4 2 Castella and Checkered Flame by Redpandawarriorgirl Castella and Checkered Flame :iconredpandawarriorgirl:Redpandawarriorgirl 4 3 Cassie's New Cutiemark by Redpandawarriorgirl Cassie's New Cutiemark :iconredpandawarriorgirl:Redpandawarriorgirl 4 0 Cave Memorial by Redpandawarriorgirl Cave Memorial :iconredpandawarriorgirl:Redpandawarriorgirl 3 2 Secret Santa Gift for Astaroth by Redpandawarriorgirl Secret Santa Gift for Astaroth :iconredpandawarriorgirl:Redpandawarriorgirl 6 8 Scarfblob Adopts (CLOSED) by Redpandawarriorgirl Scarfblob Adopts (CLOSED) :iconredpandawarriorgirl:Redpandawarriorgirl 3 10 Red Ridge Characters as bunnies by Redpandawarriorgirl Red Ridge Characters as bunnies :iconredpandawarriorgirl:Redpandawarriorgirl 2 0


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So, PookasTrainer, aka Mom, gave us this assignment for Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving! , so I decided to get it over with while I had some free time in between play practices.

I joined the RedRidge High group in November 2015. (It was November 10th, 11th, or 12th, I don't remember the exact day). These two years have honestly been amazing. I was introduced to a whole new world that I had kind of peeked into, but hadn't really explored: MLP. I had watched the first four seasons about a year or so before I joined, and I only recent started watching the show again. I met so many amazing people, and a few of them are now the people that I consider to be my closest friends, namely Ignite-theFlame77, AdamAnt543, IisaDewshine, and HowlForLife. But really, the whole community is like a giant family. We tell each other things that sometimes we don't even tell our families and IRL friends. I've been grateful to have this family who I can talk to, no matter if it's 3 am or during the school day. They've gotten me through some pretty tough times, and I think my life would be in a very different, probably worse place without this group. I don't feel comfortable talking about MLP to anyone, much less my friends and family. But I can really explore and immerse myself into the fandom with these guys. I find myself with a bigger smile on my face, and a better feeling about myself in general when I get on our roleplay site and talk with everyone.

I am extremely grateful for Ignite-theFlame77, because he has probably been the best friend, emotional rock, and supporter I have had in my entire life. I honestly consider him to be my best friend, and I don't know what I would do without him. He was one of the first people I met when I joined two years ago, and I guess you could say we've been inseparable ever since. ^///^ But honestly, I've been able to count on him for anything and everything, whether I need someone to vent to, or if I need an opinion or something, he's the one I turn to.

My best memories have probably been most of the moments illustrated in mekeila13's simple comics. They're usually the assorted funny moments that happen in rp and OOC on our roleplay site.

I went into detail on some things and wasn't so specific on others, but this is my Thanksgiving essay, so I hope you guys enjoy.

See y'all whenever,
Tagged by Ignite-theFlame77, HowlForLife, and mekeila13

-_- I hate you ALL. I swear if anyone else tags me for this, I will be murdering someone

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13 Things about myself:

1. I have ADHD.

2. I’m a geek among geeks. I get into fandoms and anime, but not on a super deep level, not even with Star Wars.

3. I am mainly a kinesthetic learner, but I also learn effectively with the auditory and visual learning styles.

4. I love learning about the mythologies of different cultures.

5. I have an extreme fear of needles and heights….so much so that I will resort to screaming and hyperventilating until the needle is gone and/or I am on the ground.

6. I am very passionate about technical directing for theatre. (lights and sound)

7. I have two physically abusive younger brothers. (yeah….it sucks….)

8. I love learning about WWII and just history in general.

9. My mom was my 1st grade teacher. (yeah… was weird. But pretty fun too)

10. I have lived in 5 different houses in two different states.

11. I’m Mormon.

12. I am a total night owl.

13. I’m into a lot of fandoms. (If you dare, note me for a semi-complete list! (because sometimes I forget about some of them ^ ^; ))

Questions from Tori:

1. What brings meaning to your life?

Hmm….probably having close friends to support me.

2. How has life screwed you over?

….Life gave me two abusive younger brothers.

3. What is one thing that you wish was real?

Time machines.

4. You can get rid of one thing in this world. What would it be? Why?

Hmm…Global warming because it’s screwing up everything.

5. How hungry are you right now?

I am not hungry.

6. Thoughts on potatoes?

I will not eat baked, mashed, or raw potatoes. I prefer fries, tater tots, and hash browns

7. What is one topic that you get very passionate about? 

Star Wars~

8. Worst date?

……I have never gone on a date

9. Best time of your life? Why is that?

…..Whenever I’m doing things that involve technical production. I always find that afterwards, I’m tired, but in a good way.

10. Marvel or DC

Both. you can’t make me choose~

11. Star Wars or Star Trek?

-_- ….Do you even have to ask?

Star Wars

12. Opinions on moi? (you knew this was comming)

You’re fun, your art is amazing~, and your ocs have such a wide range of personalities.

13. Where would you be without Deviant Art?

…..well I would have met half of my friends and inspirations, so…probably in an abyss of depression~


Questions from Miki:

1. Are you optimistic or pessimistic?

Hmm..depends. Probably more pessimistic

2. What kind of gem do think suits you the best?

*flails* Idk

3. What're your opinions on me? (allow me- you asked the same thing)

Hmm……your art really captures moments well, and I think that you are a very well rounded person with a pretty balanced, chill personality.

4. Who are your senpais on dA?

*coughs* why…even…. :Ignite-theFlame77: and :HowlForLife:

5. If you were a mythical creature, what would you be?

A hippogriff or werewolf (Twilight style)

6. What's your favourite meme?


7. Are you a simple person or are you someone who is materialistic?

mmmm……I love technology, so materialistic

8. What are your main music genres? 

Rock, Punk Rock, Country, and Pop (I am very musically diverse….don’t judge me)

9. Who was your first OC and when did you create them?

Mistykit for a Warriors based roleplay site (the reason for my online name)

March 2015

10. Seafood or meat?

Meat. I despise seafood, except when my mom makes salmon tacos~

11. What is your favourite season?

Hmm….spring/summer (when it’s that nice, inbetween temperature)

12. How often do you drop your devices (phones, tablets, etc)?

Not very often, but my otterbox case has saved my phone countless times.

13. Who is your best friend on DA and why?

Hmm….that’s a hard question. I have a lot of people that I consider best friends for different reasons. But I think emotionally and interest-wise, it would have to be Ignite-theFlame77

Questions from Austin:

1. Any places you'd like to travel to?

Ireland, or honestly anywhere outside the continental United States.

2. Favorite types of foods?

Pomegranates, ribs, and butter pecan ice cream

3. What's your ideal dream house?

A modern house with a giant window that overlooks a ocean sunset (unrealistic, but I can dream)

4. Favorite movie/TV characters?

Hhhh…..too many to count….

5. What types of music do you listen to?

Rock, Punk Rock, Country, and Pop

6. Dream car?

*flails* Idk

7. Favorite animals?

Red pandas and wolves

8. Best video game(s) you've ever played so far?



(I have not played either of the sequel games yet Spoil on risk of DEATH)

9. Movies you cannot wait to see?

*blinks* Star Wars Episode IX

….Really, Austin? Did you even have to ask?

10. Favorite YouTubers?




11. Greatest moment of your life?

Hmm….probably when I started roleplaying. It opened up a whole new world for me, (Disney reference~, but I’m serious) and I met so many people that have become my closest friends and the people I can talk about my issues with without judgement…basically who I can be myself around. And that was the greatest thing I ever could have discovered.

12. Best book you've read?

All the Light We Cannot See

(I definitely recommend it for you, Austin. It’s centered around WWII~)

13. Thoughts on me/my OCs? (dumb question, I know)

;-; It’s not dumb.
I think you're super sweet and you really care about others. I listen to me vent and rant all the time, so you have a big tolerance of people. I think your OCs reflect those parts of you, but you find ways to make all of them unique and have obvious differences from each other.

13 Questions for you:

1. What is your favorite mythology culture? (Norse, Greek, etc.)

2. If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

3. What is your spirit animal?

4. Night owl or early bird?

5. Who is your favorite author?

6. What is/was your favorite subject in school?

7. What type of artist are you? / What art style do you use?
(Writer/Writing, traditional drawing, digital art, painting, sculptor/sculpting, photography, etc.)

8. If you had the choice to start living independently tomorrow, (no matter what age you are) would you do it? If so, how long do you think you could survive? (If you are already living independently: How do you think you are faring?)
**living independently = not living with/surviving off of your parents. Living with roommates/college counts as living independently.

9. Mac or Windows?

10. What's your horoscope sign? Do you think it fits you?

11. What is your dream job/career?

12. If you could travel back in time and alter one thing, what would you alter and when? Why?

13. What do you think of me and/or my OCs?

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1. :iconicepaw4900:
2. :iconHowForLife: Take that, Tori! -_-
3. :iconfandomtopia:
4. :iconkoeyna:
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6. :iconiisadewshine:
7. :iconkalin-dax:
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10. :icondippedquill:
11. :iconnoabb:
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13. :iconcelestiaspring:

Ugh, I finally got this done, which took a total of 3 1/2 hours. (because school) Now stop bugging me about it, Tori!

Art Stream! Working on a reference sheet for an original species! Come hang out with me on Twitch!
  • Listening to: How to Save a Life - The Fray
After saying good night to Harmony, Cheesecake left the dorms and went outside to look for Watts, eventually wandering to the edge of the forest, something pulling her closer. She needed to find Watts and make sure he was okay, but she wasn't willing to wait until tomorrow like Harmony had suggested. If Watts was in trouble, tomorrow might be too late! The forest was dark and scary looking, but the mare was determined, so she slowly put one hoof into the wooded area. Seeing that there was no force field, or magical barrier, or super scary forest guardian, she ventured onward, completely unaware of the dark figure that was watching her from the treetops. She trotted through the forest, calling for Watts. "Watts? Mon amour? Where are you?" Her calls echoed through the trees, but the only ears they reached were those of Tornado Chaos. He smirked and left the forest shadows, swooping down from the trees before landing in front of the cream-coated mare, pretending to have just barely discovered her. "Well, well, well. If it isn't Miss Cheesecake. Now tell me, what's a pretty mare like you doing in the forest, alone, at night?" He asked, raising a brow. Cheesecake was alarmed when Tornado appeared in front of her out of nowhere. "O-oh, bonjour scared me." she replied, regaining her composure. "I am just looking for Watts." Tornado plastered on his fake smile. "Ah, so you finally met him. He's a real geek, huh? I'm sure you two are great friends by now, right?" This question caused Cheesecake to blush heavily. "Actually....we are dating now..." Tornado smirked almost evilly and filed that valuable information away to be used later. "Well, I guess a congratulations is in order. It's about time that guy had a little romance in his life." Cheesecake blushed even more. "Merci....I actually haven't noticed him around school for days and I am starting to get worried...You are his friend...has he been in touch with you at all?" Tornado switched to a frown. "No, I haven't. I hope he's alright..." Cheesecake's ears folded at hearing this. " I hate to see a pretty, little mare upset. It's late. Why don't you stay with me until morning? I wouldn't want you to have to find your way back to campus all alone in the dark." The mare looked hesitant to accept his offer. "Or....I could just leave..." He turned slowly and started to trot away. "Okay! Okay." Cheesecake yelled after him, looking down. "It's better than being out here..." Tornado smiled. "Excellent. Now, if you would kindly follow me. My place isn't too far from here."

Tornado led Cheesecake to his giant cave abode, being careful to avoid the passages that were littered with golem corpses. Cheesecake looked around in amazement. "Incroyable! You live here all by yourself?" Tornado puffed his chest up a bit, proudly. "Yep. I like having all this space to myself." He led her to a small guest room with sparse furnishings consisting of a bed, a small wardrobe, and a bookshelf that was almost empty. "Sorry about the scarce accommodations, I haven't had any overnight guests in a while~" he said, winking. "Would you like anything before I leave?" Cheesecake turned towards him. "A drink would be nice, Tornado. Thank you." She got settled into the room and Tornado returned a short while later, giving her a drink in a plastic cup. She took it and smiled at him. "Merci." Tornado slowly started to leave as Cheesecake took a few gulps of the drink, becoming pretty out of it a few minutes later. She tried to get up and wobbled quite a bit, dropping the cup in the process. Tornado trotted back towards her and sat her back down and inhaling deeply. "My, my, my, the smell of your blood is so irresistibly sweet. I noticed it the first time I met you too." he said in a sickly sweet voice, caressing her cheek gently. She tried to push him away, but her hooves felt like jello. "Just relax, my dear Cheesecake. You'll barely feel a thing~" he said smiling, his fangs appearing. He tilted her head slightly and bit into her neck. She groaned and tried to push him away again, with no success. She fell unconscious after a while due to blood loss and fell back on the bed. Once he'd had his fill, he laid her down on the bed and pulls the covers over her, smiling to himself as he cleaned up the cup and the mess before leaving her room. He knew full well that the substance in her drink would soon finish it's job, and she wouldn't remember that he had sucked her blood or drugged her drink. Her blood was amazingly sweet, and he knew he would definitely be feeding from her again. Plus, now he could use her to get to Watts. The scientist was now putty in Tornado's hooves because he knew Watts wouldn't want anything to happen to his special somepony. He could get Watts to do whatever he wanted.
Tornado and Cheese Story
This is a scenario that happened when Cheese went into the forest to search for Watts when he was missing. We never actually roleplayed it, but I was given permission by Tornado's creator to write as the evil dragon/bat pone. We are saying that this scenario actually happened, and Cheese still has the fang marks on her neck, but they are hidden by her mane and no one has noticed them, not even her.

Tornado Chaos belongs to AdamAnt543
Cheesecake belongs to me

Hey guys. I don't usually vent or share personal problems on DA, but this is something I don't think is fit for any other here goes. In a few days, a person I have come to see as one of my closest friends is leaving for the military. We have never met in person, but he has always been a friend to me, listening to my vents and supporting me through everything. We've known each other for almost three years now....and I'm scared I'm going to lose him. I mean, he's not going to be fighting, he'll just be behind a computer for two months and then he'll come back...but I feel like I'm losing my best friend. We share so many common interests, he's one of the few people who can make me laugh when I'm upset, and he's been an inspiration to me since the day I met him. I feel like we'll lose our connection and I don't know if I'll ever find someone else who I connect with on as many levels as I have with him. I don't know why I'm so scared to have him leave, he's coming back...but it honestly terrifies me to see him leave. The thing I hate that I don't feel like I can talk to him about any of this. He's made his choice and he said he has thought long and hard about it. It's not my right to say he shouldn't go.....even if I really don't want him to...

Anyways, I know this may be just pointless venting, but I'm glad to get this off my chest, and thank you guys for listening.
  • Listening to: How to Save a Life - The Fray



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